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Ice Hockey World Championship

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A must see! NHL stars back again playing for its national teams! Be in, come to support your team during the medal battle!

Explore Slovenia this Summer

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Discover the invigorating nature, and the diversity of Slovenian landscapes . Book your car now with Europcar and hit the road across charming Slovenian towns and extraordinary countryside!

Discover Maribor in Slovenia

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Fly to Maribor this summer and save. Friendly people, rich culture, beautiful landscape and fantastic culinaric adventure. All that you can discover in just one day but we strongly recommend you to stay a bit longer and explore all Slovenian pearles.

Click here for more information about Maribor

20% off Europcar rentals

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Volkswagen e-vehicle owners, benefit from 20% off Europcar rentals

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When you rent a car in cities throughout the Caribbean or South America with Europcar, you'll get two days free - that's seven days for the price of five!