Full service leasing for business customers



Full service leasing with services guarantees long-term mobility solutions to the customers and enables optimisation of finances, time and human resources.  With regard to the specific nature of your company’s activities we will help you to choose the most suitable vehicle and optimise operating lease payment taking into consideration the services you want to be included, the expected mileage and duration of the lease. Lease period – 12 to 60 months.




Fixed monthly payment allowing

for simpler planning of the

company's financial flows


Protection against fluctuations in

market prices - no risk related to

the residual value of the vehicle

and its realiztion


Attractive car prices


A wide range of additional



Simpler asset accounting-

the car does not become a long-term

asset of the company and costs can be

attributed to operating expenses


Possibility to acquire the car at

the end of lease period


No risk associated with financing


Possibility to plan both car lease

and maintenance costs for the

entire period of the contract 


No additional administrative costs

A convenient way to renew company's

fllet - upon termination of the agreement

cars are replaced by new ones

One invoice for all services

Possibility to get tax relief

on leased vehicles


Full service leasing monthly price consists of



✔ Price of the selected



✔ The expected mileage

and lease period


✔ Selected additional



✔ Residual value of

the car




Europcar offers a wide range of services designed for trouble-free mobility of your business – starting with periodic car maintenance and finishing with invoice management cards. The main purpose of all our services is to make your fleet management more comfortable.






  Financing the vehicle

  TPL and Casco insurance

  Handling all insurance cases

  Administration of invoices

   Organisation of maintenance and repair

   24 h. emergency assistance

   Changing and storage of tyres

   Additional tires

   Additional materials conditional upon

       normal wear and tear

  Replacement vehicle

  Vehicle delivery and return

  GSM surveillance and vehicle log


  Car wash card and wash bill administration

  Fuel card  and fuel bill administration


 Why Europcar ?



·      Europcar is biggest car&van rent provider in Europe. We have rich international experience and follow the highest service standards.


·        Attention to small and medium-sized business. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in services for one or fifty cars – we pay special attention to every customer.


·        Single supplier in the Baltic countries. In case your company’s branches are located in the Baltic countries, there will be no necessity to conclude a separate agreement for each country. Uniform pricing is applied in the Baltic countries.


·        Large car fleet.  When needed, we will always find a replacement vehicle for you in our short-term lease fleet.





'Gazelle 2020'

We are happy to be nominated as one of the fast-growing small and medium-sized Lithuanian enterprises in the project "Gazelė 2020" (“Gazelle 2020”) implemented by the leading Lithuanian business newspaper "Verslo žinios" (“Business News”).

We will find a mobility solution satisfying the needs of every business, therefore, don't waste your time and 


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